Selling terms and conditions

Section 1. Governing statute
This contract is subject to the laws and regulations of the French Republic and more specifically to the mail order regulations.

Section 2. Selling terms and conditions
These terms and conditions are accepted by the customer and the Atelier de Famille company.

Acceptance of the selling terms and conditions:
When a customer fills in a purchase order and confirms his/her order, he/she fully accepts these selling terms and conditions and he/she expressly declares accepting them without reserve.


The pictures showing the products are not part of the contract. The products are not always identical, therefore size and colour differences can occur.

Order validation:

The automatic registration systems are considered a proof of an order, which becomes final either after acceptance of the transaction by the SSL online safe payment services for a bank card payment, or after the payment cheque has been cashed by our bank for any payment by bank cheque.

The goods are delivered either to the customer who placed the order, or to another person expressly empowered by the customer. Atelier de Famille will deliver the order to the person whose name and address would have been entered in the delivery address field. It is the customer's responsibility to check the address accuracy.
It is the customer's responsibility not to order goods that are likely to be prohibited from import in his/her country. If such was the case, Atelier de Famille would not be responsible for the goods being refused by the local authorities.

Section 3. Price
Prices are in Euros.
Prices based on the products pictures are those applicable at the time of consultation and can be modified at any time without prior notice. They are in euros inclusive of tax and exclusive of delivery fees.

Shipping fees rules:

In all cases, the shipping fees are inclusive of tax.
The possible customs duties to be paid will be done so by the customer.

Section 4. Delivery time.
Atelier de Famille uses the shipping service called Distingo for France, Post-Export for Europe and the rest of the world, registered or not according to the option chosen by the customer. The average delivery time varies from 2 to 9 working days according to the destination. Possible delays caused by the carrier shall not entitle the customer to claim damages. The goods always travel at the customer's own risk.

Section 5. Nonconformity of the delivered good.
In case of nonconformity of the delivered good as compared with the order (the order confirmation email being the proof), it is the duty of the customer to inform Atelier de Famille within seven (7) days after receiving the parcel.

Section 6. Availability
In case a product is not available after an order has been placed, Atelier de Famille shall inform the customers by email or phone as promptly as possible.
The customers will then be entitled to request the cancellation and reimbursement or exchange of their order to Atelier de Famille.

Section 7. Payment.
The price billed to the online customer is the one indicated at the time of the order confirmation. The order price is payable cash down at the time of order. Payment can be done by bank card (secure payment, CB, Visa or Mastercard cards) or by cheque written in Euros in the name of Atelier de Famille.
If the payment is made by cheque, the goods will be dispatched after confirmation by the bank that the cheque has been cashed.
In case of payment default, especially if the bank refuses to process the transaction or because of a cheque having been stopped by the customer, this having occured before or after the transaction, Atelier de Famille will be entitled to cancel the sale by full right without notice nor delay and will be allowed to, if applicable, demand the product to be returned at the cost of the customer. It is understood that the accepted cases for a cheque being stopped will be the same as those acknowledged by the credit institution having issued the bank card or credit card.

Section 8. Right of retraction.
In the frame of mail order (without the parties being physically present simultaneously), the customer has according to section L 121-20 of the French Code de la consommation a period of seven (7) clear days to avail his/her right to retraction without having to justify his/her decision by any reason nor having to pay penalties with the exception of the cost of returning the goods.
This above-mentioned time starts from the reception of the order.
If the seven days time finishes on a saturday, a sunday or a legal holiday, it is extended until the next working day.

Warning in case of customized order

According to section L 121-20-2 of the Code de la consommation, the right to retraction for a mail order cannot be exercised (except if the parties have agreed on different conditions after exchange of emails) for the contracts of delivery of goods manufactured according to the specifications of the customer or clearly customized or which, by their very nature, cannot be reshipped.
The customer is therefore warned that the right to retraction does not apply to customized goods sales unless the product has a major defect.

Section 9. Force majeure.

Are considered force majeure discharging Atelier de Famille of their delivery obligation war, riots, fire, strikes, accidents and impossibility to get supplies.

By accepting the order, the buyer accepts but can also express by mail or email his/her opposition to the use of the personal data gathered through this order, as part of the clientele of Atelier de Famille.
Atelier de Famille commits to keeping all the information gathered confidential. According to Law 2004-801 dated of August 6th 2004, each person has the rights to oppose, to access and to edit his/her personal data, by writing to : Atelier de Famille, 10 rue Benoît Malon 92600 Asnières sur Seine.

Section 11. Litigations settlement.
The court will be the only governing statute in case of any litigation of any kind or of challenging the formation, the execution, or the interpretation of any sale contract between the Atelier de Famille company and a customer.

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